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“We went to an information session just to see what fostering involved. It really helped us with our decision.”

As anyone interested in becoming a foster carer will appreciate, the needs and protection of vulnerable children must always come first. So there are a number of steps before you become a foster carer. These are designed to ensure that every child is placed into a safe and welcoming environment and to help prepare you to become a successful foster carer.

The process for becoming a foster carer generally takes between four and six months and includes around 16 hours of mandatory training and assessments. You will also need to complete the relevant checks required by Victorian law in order to work with children.

Take the first step to changing a child’s life for the better. Depending on where you live, there may be a number of foster care agencies in your area. To find the right agency for you, call the Fostering Connections enquiry line on 1800 013 088 or complete the online enquiry form. 

Take the first step to changing a child’s life for the better

Call the Fostering Connections Hotline on 1800 013 088 or complete the online enquiry form.

Attending an information session will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions to determine whether foster caring is right for you. Your chosen agency will provide details of upcoming sessions in your area. Some providers may be able to offer a one-on-one information session in your home at a time convenient for you.

Once you have attended an information session, the next step is to complete the Shared Stories, Shared Lives Victoria training course. This gives you an understanding of the foster care system and equips you with skills for working with children who have experienced trauma or loss. The courses are free and is provided in suburbs of Melbourne and regional centres across Victoria. Completing this training is compulsory for anyone wishing to become a foster carer in Victoria.

Once you have completed the Shared Stories, Shared Lives Victoria training, your local foster care provider will assist you to complete the accreditation process.
Foster care applicants are required to:

  • Complete a police records check, Working With Children Check and a basic health check.
  • Participate in interviews with a foster care worker or workers.
  • Provide details of your personal history in either a written or verbal format.

The foster care worker/s assisting you with your accreditation will complete a report to be submitted to an accreditation panel. You will have the right to read and comment on the report prior to it being submitted. If successful, you will then be accredited to provide particular types of care and become eligible to accept foster care placements.