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Carer support

“I was nervous but there was a whole team to support me.”

It’s important to remember that when you become a foster carer, you won’t be on your own. You will be the most important member of a team committed to providing support for a child in need, including trained caseworkers who will interact with you throughout your time as a foster carer. You will also receive financial support towards the costs involved in foster care.

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Round the clock support

When you have a child in your care, you will receive scheduled visits and phone contact from a caseworker who will provide ongoing support and assistance. Your foster care agency will also run training courses to help you maintain your skills and develop new ones. Round the clock phone support is also available if you ever need it.

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Financial support

The Victorian Government will provide you with a fortnightly tax-exempt allowance to contribute to the cost of food, clothing, accommodation and other day-to-day care requirements. Reimbursement rates increase for foster carers who care for children with complex needs. Carers may be eligible for additional payments from the Federal Government, as well as other one-off payments to cover the cost of expenses such as medical appointments or school camps.

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Carer support

As well as the support you will receive from your foster care agency, the Foster Care Association of Victoria provides you with independent and confidential support, advice and information.  It also represents your voice, driving public debate and government policy. To join, visit There are support groups that are run by foster carers for foster carers and your agency will connect you to the group in your area.