Opening hears opening homes

Become a foster carer

To see them grow. To see them learn. To see them smile.

Foster carers across Victoria welcome children and young people into their hearts and their homes. Their families come in all shapes and sizes - some are single, while others are partnered. Some have biological children, others don't. Some are LGBT. Carers come from every cultural background, social background and income level. 

But every single one of them cares about children, and wants to make a difference.

If that sounds like you, Fostering Connections is here to help.

Call us today, on 1800 013 088.

“To see the shy boy who came to us grow to become so confident and talkative was just amazing.”

Carers tell their stories

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Five carers from across Victoria on how it's the everyday, small things that make the big difference to foster children. View text version
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Meet Liz and Daniel and hear how being foster carers has benefited them and their own children. View text version
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Fostering Connections brings together the skills and expertise of Victoria's foster care agencies. View text version