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01 What's involved in becoming a carer?

Taking the first step can feel like a leap into the great unknown, but we're here to help you find out more. You can always come back to us at any stage of your journey for more information.

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02 Who can foster?

People are all different, as are the children and young people they care for. Foster care enables all types of families to provide care and security to children and young people who cannot live at home.

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03 Why become a carer?

Becoming a carer takes time and dedication, but it’s worth it. Opening up your heart and your home to a young person in need is life changing for everyone involved.

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04 How do I find the right foster care agency?

If you feel ready to connect with a foster care agency, we’re here to help you find out more and connect you with your local agency.

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05 What support is available for carers?

As a foster carer, you receive round-the-clock phone support from your foster care agency. There are also other range of supports available, including financial assistance, ongoing training and development opportunities and advocacy.

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