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Fostering Connections

Welcome to the Fostering Connections Information for Agencies Page. This page provides campaign information and support for your agency including: 

Staff from MDAS and MASP Upright

  • Monthly updates on Fostering Connections.
  • Project Key Contacts and Information.
  • Resources from the Fostering Connections Media Campaign.                                     
  • EDDI user guide and information.
  • Information on the Fostering Connections Enquiry Line.

If you have any queries or suggestions for additional resources to be included on this page, please contact Laura Cashman on

4 things you need to know

Anglicare St Lukes

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Fostering Connections MONO

Project Team Contacts

Project Manager - Zena Hosseini                                

Project Coordinator - Laura Cashman                        

Business Analyst - Andy DuLaney Shaw                    

Communications & Strategic Marketing Coordinator -              Dan Christie


Our 2018 Campaign is the biggest ever for Victoria's foster sector

For the first time, we have been able to include TV in our campaign efforts, as well as radio and an always-on digital and social media campaign running until the end of 2018.

We're including all the campaign collateral here as we get access to the fully edited files. You can use them as part of your own co-branded campaigns, use them as inspiration or use the same messaging with your own local focus - the choice is yours! You can quote our carers, share our photos, and put our videos on in your waiting room. This is your campaign, we just put the pieces together. Get in touch to find out what else you can do with all this, by emailing Dan, our Communications and Engagement Coordinator, at

Media Pack and Style Guide

The basics. All you need to know for co-branding or using any of our assets in your work.

2018 Carer Videos

We have all our videos up on our website for people to view, and all our social and digital advertising will drive people back to the same videos.

For agency use, we've also got the videos on YouTube. From there, you can embed them on your own website, share them to your social media, or link people to them directly. 

2018 Radio Ad

Our radio mixes are hosted on our Dropbox. The links below will take you straight to them.

Print & Radio Media 

We encourage agencies to share the Fostering Connections print and radio media via their social media channels. The print editorial and advertorial articles feature positive stories about the carer experience from a carer’s perspective.

Here are links to editorial, advertorial and online articles from 2016:

All grown up: a foster child's perspective on what makes a great foster carer - The Age Fairfax online

How one person can make a difference - The Age Fairfax online

What a super dad - Herald Sun

10 great reasons to be a foster carer - The Age Fairfax online

Fostering a new love - Herald Sun

Foster carers are people like you - Herald Sun

No need to be a superhero - Herald Sun

Home away from home - Herald Sun




EDDI Login

Welcome to EDDI CMS

EDDI CMS is the sector database for managing prospective and accredited carers from enquiry to accreditation and beyond. 

Agencies are required to use EDDI CMS for:

  • All enquiries received through Fostering Connections since 21 January 2016.
  • All direct enquiries to your agency since 21 January 2016.

Each new enquiry you accept through Fostering Connections, or enter into the system if it's a direct enquiry, becomes a household record.  

Households records help you:

  • Maintain current contact details and information on prospective and accredited carers and any members of their household.
  • Enter the exit and withdrawal reasons for carers who leave the program.
  • Enter compliance events toward and post accreditation including training modules, Working With Children Checks and assessments.

The EDDI helpdesk is available to answer any questions you have about the system. 

EDDI Helpdesk Contacts

Helpline: 1300 807 041                                                               



EDDI CMS online training tools/guides

EDDI CMS Video and Training Guides

These training webinars walk you through the main functions of EDDI CMS, providing the basic guidance you need to use and enter data into the system. 

Click here to access the guides online

EDDI CMS User Guide

A comprehensive guide on EDDI CMS's features and using the system. Please note that you may not have access to all modules/icons identified in the user guide.

Click here to download the EDDI CMS User Guide

EDDI CMS Carer Audit Manual

A manual on navigating the Carer Audit Module in EDDI CMS. The Carer Audit Module identifies sections updated in an EDDI household record by date and the worker responsible.

Click here to download the manual

EDDI CMS Agency Reports Manual

Agency reports are available to you in the Business Intelligence module of EDDI CMS

Click here to access the user guide

EDDI CMS Business Intelligence User Guide

Business Intelligence reports provide quick and user friendly access to data on prospective and accredited carers at your agency

Click here to download the user guide

EDDI CMS Dictionary

A Dictionary explaining all the key terms in EDDI CMS

Click here to download the dictionary

EDDI CMS Best Practice FAQs

A Best Practice FAQ report to help users with EDDI CMS

Click here to download the user guide

Enquiry Line

The Fostering Connections enquiry line 1800 013 088 is a resource for members of the public to find out more about becoming a foster carer and submit enquiry referrals to agencies.

The enquiry line operates out of the Centre for Excellence Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM. A messenger service takes calls outside office hours, on weekends and on public holidays and all messages are responded to on the next business day.

A few notes about the enquiry line:

  • The Enquiry Line Operator prompts agencies with unactioned referrals at 1.5 business days to accept or reject the enquiry.
  • Any referrals that are not actioned after 2 business days are automatically reallocated to another agency.
  • The Enquiry Line Operator contacts the enquirer if their referral is reallocated, keeping them up to date on the progression of their enquiry.
  • It is important that you contact an enquirer immediately after you accept their referral in EDDI.
  • The Enquiry Line Operator advises enquirers that they will receive contact from an agency within 2 business days of submitting their enquiry.

For any queries regarding your enquiry referrals, please contact Laura Cashman, Enquiry Line Operator on 1800 013 088 /


Flow Chart

Click here to download the enquiry line flow chart.